Japanese maples, varieties of Acer palmatum, are ideal plants for any garden or patio, from dwarf forms to magnificent specimens of trees and shrubs. Autumn colours of every conceivable shade of red, pink, orange and yellow are complemented by superb spring displays lasting several months and eclipsing most garden plants. Grafted maples provide an almost limitless choice of size and form, colour and leaf shape. They fit in well with any planting scheme, from container plants in a small courtyard, weeping forms cascading over ponds or planters, entire borders or shrubberies, strong eyecatching architectural shapes, to focus plants in lawns or the landscape. The flexibility of Japanese maples, being tolerant of most garden conditions, make them eminently suitable for any garden design and their use is limited only by the imagination.

Please take your time and enjoy this site, dedicated to bringing you the best Japanese maples available. Many more cultivars than those listed are contained in the nursery collection and if you can't see a plant you want it will almost certainly be added to the site once stock plants have been bulked up. This is intended to be the primary contact point for the nursery and if there are any features you would like to see in future editions don't hesitate to contact me.



Updated 13 July 2009

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Growing Japanese Maples - A Concise Guide

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